We hae-rt our Customers!

pie-bannerIt goes without saying, we’d hae nothing if it wasn’t for our fantastic customers.

Our aim remains to provide Scotland with the best quality products possible, and that’s why we wholeheartedly encourage YOU – our Steak Slice and Pie munchers – to get in touch and give us your feedback!

From a start-up family business in 2007, to an award-winning and continually expanding company in 2016, we’ve certainly come a long way. Spending the past few years getting to know our craft, our trade, and our customers, we’ve discovered a lot through hearing your food for thought.

Looking after our customers’ needs doesn’t stop at just listening – we’ve put some of your recommendations into action. In early 2016, some of our lovely pie fans got in touch via Facebook and email to let us know that they had difficulty reading the information on our Creamy Chicken Puff Pastry Pie box.

As much as we strive to make what’s in the box as terrifically tasty as possible, we know how important it is for our customers to know which ingredients are in our products, as well as being able to cook them to perfection at home.

Thanks to people like Margaret, who said: “My son loves your chicken pie, [but] I find it really difficult to read the cooking guidelines” and Bob, who emailed: “I had to send you a wee email to thank you so kindly for your quality product. Maybe I can add one small suggestion: the white writing on the orange background on the back of the packaging is very difficult to read; maybe try a blue ink?”, our customers ensure they flagged an important problem.

So what did we do? Changed our packaging design of course!

And we’ve not stopped on what’s on the outside of the box, either. Recently, we’ve used your expertise to create what’s inside it! Always keen to keep up with foodie tastes and trends, we decided there was no better way to find out what flavours and ingredients got the nation ticking than to ask our ‘We hae meat’ fans themselves!


And so, our PIEdea competition was born…

Launched on social media, we asked you to dream up your ultimate pie. And you certainly didn’t let us down; your suggestions flew in, ranging from the humble to the downright surPIEsing.

We then whittled all of your suggestions down to just five ‘wow-factor’ pies and – guess what – made each of them in our kitchen to send out to our winners! Here’s exactly which crafty creations made the cut:

single-piesBen Hislop’s ‘The Russian Doll’ – The ingenious pies within pies…pie.

Pauline Stuart: Pulled pork, onions and mushrooms, topped with creamy cheesy mash

Yvonne Campbell: Haggis and Peppercorn Sauce

Stephen Pollard: Pork and apple with cider gravy

Blair Green’s ‘The All Day Breakfast’ – stuffed with beans, sausage, bacon and black pudding.

Feeling a very sudden but serious pie longing? Us too…

We’d like to say a massive thank you once again to all our customers for providing their much appreciated feedback over the years – we couldn’t have achieved our success without your continued support!

Want to get in touch? Just leave your feedback over on our customer reviews page, or send us a message via social media on our Facebook and Twitter channels. We look forward to hearing from you!