The ‘We hae meat’ Difference

We have won multiple awards for our products. Why? Here are just some of the reasons…

  • Our expert meat sourcing policy. Our farming expertise means we know how livestock should be fed and cared for to produce the best meat. Their welfare is our priority. All of our animals live a relaxed and natural life fed well on our own wheat, barley, potatoes and beans, which have been mixed with specially prepared natural vitamins and minerals to achieve optimum health.
  • Our traditional butchery skills. All of our meat is traditionally matured and expertly butchered to the highest standards so that our products are consistently good.
  • Our quality ingredients. We only use the best quality ingredients such as natural-based casing for sausages and haggis and top quality pastry for our pies.
  • Our product innovation. We are always looking for new and innovative products to offer to our customers such as the latest addition to our award winning products – our chilli burgers and cheese & chive burgers.

We recognise the growing interest in local food and the importance our customers place on traceability, quality of ingredients and the environmental impact of food production. At ‘We hae meat’ we believe that our meat not only meets these exacting standards but offers you real value for money at the same time.