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  1. Edith MacKenzie, June 2016

    Bought your black pudding yesterday and had to buy again today. Best tasting black pudding that has passed my lips in a long time. Delicious!

  2. Steve Mitchell, May 2016

    I gave the great grill pack a try
    As well as a puff pastry pie
    But the missus thinks
    I’ll only eat links
    So I’ve hidden the tray of black eye

  3. Donna deerin, March 2016

    We have meat
    We luv meat
    We couldn’t survive
    Wi out meat
    That’s the reason
    We hae meat

  4. Hilda Clark, February 2016

    I have just discovered your pies in Asda, Elgin. What a great pie, the meat is quality. Would definitely recommend

  5. Pauline, January 2016

    You cannae beat ‘We Hae Meat’!! Definately! xo

  6. David walker, January 2016

    Sausage and pies are the bst around. Sausage doesnt shrink when cooked. Pies are on their own level. Mince round is top of the tree and chicken os not far behind. You may pay slightly more than some other brands but we hae meat gives no bouncy bits. 100% quality. Keep up the great work

  7. Willie Robertson, January 2016

    Bought a packet of your beef olives and one of diced steak in the Co-Op in Dreghorn this afternoon. Only went to buy their discounted coffee but the meat looked good quality and the price seemed reasonable. Had the beef olives this evening – they were excellent – the sausagemeat was, quite honestly, the best I have ever eaten. Will try to look out for your pies the next time I’m shopping.

  8. Jim Blair, January 2016


  9. James Thomson, December 2015

    Hello there. I had one of your pies and just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. I hope you are getting positive feedback from people as you are on to a winner if the rest of your products are as good. 10/10 +++

    I will be recommending your pies and other products to my friends. Best of Luck and Good Wishes for the New Year.


  10. David Henderson, October 2015

    Just had to mail to say I have never had so lovely steak slice it so delicious.

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