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  1. Elza Fraser, August 2015
    Was introduced to your pies by my daughter, they are amazing full of meat and flavour! Really enjoyed thank you, will be on my weekly shopping list.
  2. Isobel Short, August 2015

    Would just like to commend you on your fabulous pies! I was in my local Sainsbury’s last week, and the packaging caught my eye. As they were new, I thought we would try them. I got the mince one & it was fantastic! I also tried the chicken yesterday, it was the same – very good!

    I will definitely recommend, just hope my supermarket keeps selling your products.

    Hope you pass this on to your staff!

  3. Alexander Lindsay, August 2015

    I purchased one of your pies. In Sainsbury’s,I think.It was the best pie I have tasted for ages. Problem is, it was too large for one. I, like many pensioners, buy ready meals but I had enough left to feed my wee Yorkie who is lying bloated in a corner. If you made a smaller version I am sure it would go down well – no pun intended

  4. Alan McCosh, August 2015

    I don’t normally do this, recently purchased this pie from Asda, normally very wary of such products and their claims of tasty and quality blah blah nonsense, so I thought I would give you guys a try since your based in good old Ayrshire, lets just say, Superb, a pie with proper chicken that strangely enough tasted like chicken!

    Not only that there was lots in it too, with a nice cream sauce not < claggy or runny, just right, so well done guys cause I know good food and appreciate it too, all the best keep up the good work, ill be trying some more of your range

  5. Yvonne Powell, August 2015

    Just to say my niece (aged 11) and I (can’t possibly reveal my age!) have just demolished your Creamy Chicken Pastry Pie- absolutely delicious! We went to our local Sainsbury’s in Longstone, Edinburgh to buy a pie for tea- your one stood out from the others due to the funky packaging and it was well priced! So it was duly purchased and scoffed??

    Looking forward to trying your steak pie next!

    Yvonne and Elise (aged 11)

  6. Hilary McBride, August 2015

    I’d like to compliment you on your black pudding its the best I have ever eaten. I used to get black pudding from a butchers and it was lovely but the butcher shop closed down and I have been searching for months and tried so many types of black pudding!!! friends been buying me black pudding from a variety of shops and butchers but they have not been right. I tried yours and its the best ever, even better than the original one from the butchers!
    Thank you!

  7. Craig MacMaster, August 2015


    This is the first time in my life that i have emailed a company to say that I really enjoyed eating their food.

    Tonight I wandered round our Sainburys store in Dundee looking for something nice , I spotted the “Made in Ayrshire ” first ( as my folks live in Kilmarnock ) and then checked out the pie.

    We had it for our tea and its the best chicken pie I have tasted …

    Thank you it was great

    kind regards

    Craig Macmaster

  8. Daniel Houston, August 2015

    I am just after eating half of your steak mince puff pastry pie and I would just like to say its the best mince pie ive tasted in the last 40 yrs thanks

  9. Rick MacLeod, August 2015

    Just wanted to drop you a line and say ‘well done’.

    I bought 1 of your Steak Mince Puff Pastry pies in Sainsbury’s Braehead today, and have just eaten half of it for my dinner, and it was extremely tasty !

    I know that you recommend 1/3 of the pie as being a portion, but I am a bit of portion-rebel, and decided to make up my own mind about how much I would eat !!

    Anyway, nothing further to add, but I daresay I will buy them again, and wish you all the best in your endeavours ……. it can’t be easy getting stocked in a major supermarket these days.

  10. Jason Porter, August 2015

    I just wanted to congratulate yourselves on making in my opinion the best pies I’ve ever had. Very difficult to pick a favourite. My wife loves the bbq pulled beef. If I had to choose it would be the Chinese curry.

    We live up in Elgin and I just hope you keep producing them for this part of Scotland.

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