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  1. cathie, August 2017

    your creamy chicken wae hae pie is lovely better than other well known pies
    brilliant low in saturates and sugars

  2. Tommy Hoey, July 2017

    Last week I tried your Steak Slice for the first time, I must say it was delicious. I have never bought sausages from a supermarket before it has always been from my local butchers.
    I saw your Steak Slice on the shelf in Tesco and I decided to read the label and because you were a family run business I thought I would give them a try. I am glad I did, I liked them that much that I am having them again tonight for my dinner. It will be your Steak Slice I will buy from now on and I am going to try some of your other products as well.

  3. Mrs Tait, February 2017

    This is just a wee message to say how delicious your Balmoral chicken pies are! We purchased two today from the Asda store in Edinburgh and were delighted to realise your pies are packed full of tasty chicken. I am always quite skeptical about shop bought ready made pies & how little actual meat content they can contain…but not your pies! Yours have generous helpings of chicken and are well seasoned. We are trying the steak & gravy pies next, of which i have similar high hopes.

  4. Anne C Smith, September 2016

    Slice sausage with black pudding always a favourite in our household . Steak pie to die for. Everything delicious so buy it and try it

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