Waste not, want not — beef up your family recipes with leftovers

CarlynZeroWasteHere at ‘We hae meat’, we believe food belongs in bellies rather than bin bags – not just because our products are so delicious, but because reducing food waste can help you save money!

Recent figures show that the average Scottish household could save up to £460 per year by reducing their food waste. Beef alone accounts for 2,900 tonnes of waste per year. That’s the equivalent of 26 million burgers going straight into the wheelie bin!

To give you and your families a way to get the most out of all the food you buy and your leftovers, our very own Carlyn has teamed up with Zero Waste Scotland to share delicious family meals straight from the Paton family recipe book!

These ‘waste-not-want-not’ wonders include an easy spiced beef casserole, sausage and cheesy mash croquettes and nutty pork meatballs. Check out the mouthwatering images below, with full recipes available on Love Food Hate Waste.

Beef casserole
Spiced beef casserole
Sausage and cheesy mash croquettes
Pork meatballs 2
Nutty pork meatballs

On creating these delicious recipes, Carlyn said:

“Beef is a very versatile meat – there are also lots of ways to make it go further through using up leftovers, utilising unused portions in a wide range of recipes or freezing it for future use!”

Taking pride in reducing waste at the farm, Carlyn has also put together some top tips for how you can minimise waste at home!

Carlyn’s Top 5 Tips for Minimising Waste:

  1. Manage your fridge, ensuring to regularly check use-by dates
  2. The freezer can be your best friend! Freeze suitable products as soon as possible after purchase if you don’t think you can use them by their use by date.
  3. Avoid buying more than you need by planning your meals before shopping. And…try not to go shopping when you are hungry!
  4. Don’t be enticed by special offers – they are only valuable if you are actually going to use the quantity.
  5. Have a really good basic store cupboard – bread, milk, egg, flour, butter, pulses, spices etc. so you can whip up meals using leftovers.