Investigating a Case of MisSteaken Identity

This summer we set out to surprise, delight and convert a selection of Scotland’s finest food bloggers with an investigation into a case of MiSteaken identity…

The Steak Slice (you might know it better as a square sausage or Lorne) is a peculiarly localised speciality, almost exclusively found nestled amongst full breakfasts and mornings rolls north of the border.

Over the years, square sausage has forged a reputation as something of an acquired taste. While some people are evangelical about its angular appeal, others need convincing about consuming meat with corners…

Thinking Outside the Square

Needless to say, here at ‘We hae meat’ our zeal for Steak Slice knows no bounds. Sure, we love nothing more than encasing them in a roll and slathering with our favourite condiment. But we’re not squares; why confine the tastiness of steak slice to conventional, when a whole world of culinary possibility awaits?

Armed with this unshakable ethos, we devised a menu of three seminal Steak Slice recipes to change the minds of the miSteaken, expand the imaginations of exisiting Steak Slice appreciators, and wow the palates of all who attended.

Reclaiming a Classic

Starting with the basics, we cornered square sausage doubters to show them just how sublime a great quality Steak Slice tastes when served simply in a traditional morning roll.


This timeless combination lets our 100% beef steak slice speak for itself. Tender and tasty thanks to our special secret seasoning mix and the very best meat, who could fail to be converted?

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 11.04.42

A Ballsy Take on an Italian Classic

Think you can’t fit a square sausage in a round hole? Think again!


This recipe for Steak Slice meatballs is all about reinvention – it’s healthy, delicious and versatile, flipping traditional perceptions of Steak Slice as a greasy breakfast treat firmly on their head.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 11.03.16

Steak Slice Comes Out of Its Shell

Taco-bout taking Steak Slice to new levels! A quick and simple crowd-pleaser, soft shell tacos with a filling of homemade salsa and Steak Slice strips show just how versatile our signature teak Slice can be when you use a little imagination…