The breakfast of champions – now in a pie!

BreakfastPiesHere’s an inspiring PIEdea:

What if you could enjoy a hearty breakfast in one delicious ‘We hae meat’ pie? 

Well, thanks to over 100 fantastic recipe suggestions during our social media competition last year, we have truly made some dreams come true!

That’s right, with help from our new friend Blair Green, we’ve launched the ‘We hae meat’ Breakfast Pie across Scotland!

This mouthwatering pastry houses the staples of a hearty Scottish Breakfast: bacon, sausage, black pudding and a portion of baked beans within our moreish puff pastry!

Blair’s PIEdea was one of several entries that made our tastebuds tingle, including Pork & Apple, Haggis & Peppercorn and the Inception-like ‘Pies within pies’!

Priding ourselves in providing nutritious family foods at your convenience, there was something special about the Breakfast Pie and we knew that we had to bring the idea to life!

But what was the inspiration behind this morning marvel?

A Glasgow truck driver by trade, Blair knows how important the first meal of the day is:

“Working as a HGV driver, on the road for hours at a time, means that having an enjoyable sit down meal can be a luxury. That’s when I came up with the idea of having all the elements of a full breakfast in a single pie.”

Needless to say, we were thrilled with Blair’s idea! As quality butchers, we are always looking to hear from our customers – not to mention creating a new pie was so much fun for Carlyn and the team.

As Blair says: “Everyone is a fan of a traditional fry-up and now it’s in a handy, all-in-one pastry shell.”

Where can I try the Breakfast Pie?

WHMBreakfastPieAsdaAs part of our ongoing partnership with Asda, our new Breakfast Pie will join our 14 other tasty products, and is available across 48 Asda stores in Scotland.

Pop one in your shopping basket during your next ‘big shop’ and tell us what you think! We’d love to hear your feedback.

Don’t know where your nearest Asda is but want to try this pie? Click here to use their store finder!

The breakfast pie of champions is waiting…