5 Easy Breakfast Recipes

IMG_9610Some folk say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and we think it
can definitely be the tastiest!

Some of our traditional Scottish breakfast favourites are now available in re-sealable freezer packs, so our delicious sausages, black pudding and steak slice are only ever a few minutes away.

Whether a quick bite during the week or a leisurely number at the weekend, here are some recipe ideas to start your day the tasty way.

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Investigating a Case of MisSteaken Identity

This summer we set out to surprise, delight and convert a selection of Scotland’s finest food bloggers with an investigation into a case of MiSteaken identity…

The Steak Slice (you might know it better as a square sausage or Lorne) is a peculiarly localised speciality, almost exclusively found nestled amongst full breakfasts and mornings rolls north of the border.

Over the years, square sausage has forged a reputation as something of an acquired taste. While some people are evangelical about its angular appeal, others need convincing about consuming meat with corners…

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Sausage History, Squared!

Steak Slice StackWhat’s in a name?

Our Beef Steak Slice is what’s commonly known as a ‘square sausage’ product. Saying that, of course, might cause some contention, because depending where in Scotland (or indeed the world) you hail from you may call it a ‘Lorne Sausage’, ‘Flat Sausage’, ‘Butcher’s Slice’ or even simply a ‘Slicey’.

With all those different names for delicious meaty oblongs, it’s not surprising that various recipes for square sausage also exist!

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Proud To Sponsor Doon Valley Boxing Club

Doon Valley 1As local farmers and family butchers, the next generation and our Ayrshire community are top priorities here at ‘We hae meat’.

These values are as important to the team as our dedication to producing the very best quality meat; so, it was a no-brainer when the opportunity arose to sponsor our local boxing club, Doon Valley.

Situated in Dalmellington, Ayrshire, the Doon Valley Boxing Club was established by trainer Sam Mullen in a   mission to share his passion for boxing with the local community. By setting up the club, Sam not only created a new social hub for young people in the area, but also gave many of them a new direction and sense of discipline they couldn’t find anywhere else.

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We Hae Heritage!

First generation of Paton to farm CairnhillOne of our biggest points of pride here at ‘We hae meat’ is that we’re a genuine family business, through and through.

Perched on the rolling Ayrshire hillsides, Cairnhill farm has long been considered by locals as the home of the county’s finest cattle. Consistently high standards are the key to quality, and with the fourth generation of the Paton family now at the helm – or Alex and Carlyn to us – ‘We hae meat’ is definitely continuing to uphold decades of the family’s exceptional farming standards.

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