5 Easy Breakfast Recipes

IMG_9610Some folk say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and we think it
can definitely be the tastiest!

Some of our traditional Scottish breakfast favourites are now available in re-sealable freezer packs, so our delicious sausages, black pudding and steak slice are only ever a few minutes away.

Whether a quick bite during the week or a leisurely number at the weekend, here are some recipe ideas to start your day the tasty way.

Poached eggs with black pudding

WEB SIZE CMPL6972A runny-yolked poached egg, savoury black pudding and buttery toast. If only all of life’s pleasures were so simple!

French toast with pork sausages and maple syrup
Who says bacon should get all the ‘sidekick’ glory? Our meaty pork sausages are great served with lovely puffy French toast and a good ol’ swirl of maple syrup.

Use thick slices of baguette (as opposed to sandwich loaf, which soaks up the eggs too quickly) and you’ll soon be on the way to golden French toast delight! The kids’ll definitely love this one.

Bubble and squeak with steak slice

This is a breakfast favourite in the making and super handy for using up leftovers:

Sauté diced onions, then add in broken up pieces of steak slice.

Fry for a few minutes before adding in leftover greens (like cabbage), then mix in mashed potato. Make sure there’s enough oil or butter in the pan to ensure those all-important crispy bits!

Mash around the pan for another five minutes so that the edges are well browned. Dish up and enjoy with a softly-poached egg. Yummy!

Scrambled egg and sausage English muffin

This is an easy-peasy breakfast for any day of the week. We like our eggs properly scrambled in a pan (no microwaves!) with butter, salt and pepper.

With a couple of our pork sausages grilled and a dash of red or brown sauce, you’re good to go!

WEB SIZE CMPL6980-EditThe breakfast of champions!

Of course, we couldn’t do a breakfast post without suggesting a classic fry-up! Our Grill Selection pack comes with steak slice, pork sausages, and black pudding.
With some fried mushrooms, tomato, tattie scones, baked beans and a fried egg sunny side up, you’re all set for your brekkie of champions.




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