2015: A tasty year for ‘We hae meat’!

With the end of the year just a stone’s throw away, we’re getting rather reflective here at Cairnhill Farm. It’s been a fantastic year for us, sharing delicious food from our family farm to your family table right across Scotland.

So what were the greatest hits of 2015 here at ‘We hae meat’?

singleporttionpies‘The Pie’s the limit’
2015 launched with the creation of our Single Portion Pies which saw the traditional scotch pie get something of a modern make over; inspired by yummy contemporary fillings like pulled pork and BBQ pulled beef.

Our pies were hailed ‘revolutionary’ by the press and you love them so much we’ve been making them non-stop ever since!

‘Waste not, want not’

Next on our 2015 to-do list was to tackle a big and important issue…food waste.

No-one likes to see tasty food go to waste, which is why we created our brand new Frozen Range. Completely free of artificial flavours and preservatives, the range allows you to cook up your favourite fry-ups at a moment’s notice.

WEB SIZE CMPL6980-EditPlus, there’s the added bonus of an extra long lie on Sunday morning. And who can argue with that? Just pop a couple of grill packs in your freezer and hey presto – no more early morning trips to the supermarket!

‘2015 – the year of the Steak Slice’ 

It wouldn’t be a year at ‘We hae meat’ without our famous Steak Slice putting in a special appearance. In fact, you love our Steak Slice block so much that you asked us to make it even BIGGER! Cue the creation of our mega 1.1kg block – perfect for families and our loyal Steak Slice fans…you know who you are!

If the creation of the 1.1kg block wasn’t enough, we launched some very limited editions of our Steak Slice including a smokey BBQ flavour as well as an Onion & Chive variation. Watch this space for more flavoursome Steak Slice developments next year.

WHM-Meats‘To the Co-op we go’ 

Finally, as of November, Co-op shoppers rejoiced as our exclusive range of 5 new products – beef olives, diced beef, haggis olives, spiced beef and peppered steak – hit the shelves.

Inspired by butcher shop quality cuts, this exclusive range equips Co-op shoppers with everything they need to make amazing stews, casseroles or our own Friday night favourite – steak and chips.

‘We hae meat go big on the wee screen’

To top it all off, Cairnhill Farm was recently paid a visit from STV’s Riverside Show, looking into how we make our renowned Steak Slice – or would you prefer we called it Square Sausage? Check out the video below for a behind the scenes tour with our very own Carlyn!

‘And now for a thank you’ 

So, as the end of another year draws to a close, all we have left to say is a huge thank you to all our fantastic customers for your support and words of encouragement throughout the year. It means a great deal to everyone here at Cairnhill, so here’s to you and a brilliant 2016!